Max Marbles produces a leather dressing based on a formula in use 500 years ago and since handed down from master to apprentice. This dressing is known and used in museums the world over to protect and revive valuable leather. Though originally made for leather books, Bookbinder’s Dressing is the ultimate leather care for all fine leather items.

Modern leather care products have horrible ingredients containing petroleum distillates and silicone. These mass market formulations are expensive, do greater harm than good and are simply garbage.

Bookbinder’s Dressing contains rich emollients that nurture, beautify and preserve your leather. It freshens colors and imparts a soft sheen. The formula in Bookbinder’s Dressing is the same that has saved leather for centuries. Do your leather a favor and buy a can of Bookbinder’s Dressing.

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BOOKBINDER’S DRESSING GUARANTEE.  If you are not satisfied with Bookbinder’s Dressing, you may return it within 10 days for a refund.  Shipping charges are not refundable.  Simple as that.

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